Here are some of the common questions we get asked most often.

Frequently Asked Questions about Cost

Can I just build my app and then unsubscribe from the service?

AppyTrails is an Content Management System (CMS) integrated with the visual app builder.  That means the service also handles all the back-end data that is fed to your app, such as social integrations, messaging, catalogs, etc.  A subscription is necessary to keep apps active, receiving data, and communicating with the real-time CMS.  Plus, we're always updating our software and features, so it's likely you'll want to republish the app from time-to-time.

Can I upgrade or downgrade my subscription?

Subscriptions can be changed from your application Dashboard. 

Please note that upgrading or downgrading subscriptions may affect your transaction rates or avaialble features.

How much does it cost to publish an app?

These are the current prices as of 2021 for the various stores.

Publishing an IOS app costs $99/year for an Apple developer account.

Publishing an Android app costs $25/submission.

What other expenses can I expect when making an app?

There could be third-party costs involved with creating, publishing, and using a custom app.  This is not a comprehensive list, but it is important to know that there could be costs over and above what AppyTrails or the app stores charge.

  • Credit card fees (usually a percentage of a sale) if using eCommerce.
  • API fees (i.e. billed by Google for high map API usage).

Do I owe Apple or Goolge a percentage of my sales?

At this time, the app stores only collect commission for sales on digital services.  AppyTrails is built primarily around entities offering goods and services (i.e. tangible goods) which the stores do not collect on.  Always review app store rules and terms before publishing.

For example, if you had an app that charged users to access certain digital content (known as in-app purchase), then the app stores would collect a percentage of that sale.  If the app charges users for the delivery of an item, no percentage is taken.

Frequently Asked Questions about Content

Where can I find images to use in my app?

There are lots of places to find royalty-free images and graphics online.  It's always safest to use your own original content in apps.

Please note that the AppyTrails Terms forbid the use of copyrighted material that you do not own the rights to.  Violations could result in apps being removed or disabled.

Can I build a game with AppyTrails?

AppyTrails has numerous modules that are easy to configure via the drag-and-drop interface, but those are primarily business related.  AppyTrails is not a game-building platform.  Check out some of the apps ideas that can be created.

Why is a store is rejecting my app?

There are several cases in which a store might reject an app.  Please see app store guidelines in the Knowledgebase for help.

Frequently Asked Questions about Support

Can AppyTrails build my app for me?

AppyTrails has fully-managed app development plans to help companies get going quickly with professionally designed and updated apps.  There are a couple of pricing options.  These plans do carry a term agreement.

Why does AppyTrails sometimes force me to republish?

From time-to-time, updates to the visual app builder and database are made that break previous functionality.  This is often in response to changes in app store rules, but it could be for critical bugs, security updates, or major feature enhancement.  We try to notify all publishers of major release changes well in advance of any breaking changes.

Does AppyTrails have an SLA?

AppyTrails is a High Availablity (HA) cloud service.  Subscribe at the Status Page for any scheduled upgrades, maintenance windows, or service-affecting issues.

How can I get support for my app?

There are several support options for both app development and submission.  Community support and a comprehensive knowledgebase are available for all plans and free trials.  Email support is available for apps already subscribed to the John Muir Trail and Appalachian Trail plans.  Chat coming soon!

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