Gathering Your Thoughts (and Assets)

Publishing your app on AppyTrails might be easy because our drag-and-drop code-free interface removes many technical barriers, but developing an app that will be useful, popular, and well-reviewed still takes careful consideration.  Here are a few thoughts to get the creative juices flowing for your app.

Getting Started 

  • Consider your audience!
    This task seems simple, but defining your audience will help determine what features to include, how to lay out the app, and what graphics and colors to choose.
  • Consider your business
    What type of business are you in? What business issue are you trying to solve? Here are some thoughts to get you started:
    • Are you providing improved access to goods or services?
    • Are you trying to increase user engagement or extend your audience?
    • Do you have multiple locations?
    • Do you have the need to have different access levels to contents or features?
  • Choose modules
    Based on thoughts above, pick the App Features you might need. A restaurant might want the Menu module and a band might want the Events module. See Use Cases for some ideas on mixing and matching feature modules for your business.
  •  Collecting Assets

    Consider these design questions:

    • Will my app have a splash screen or load directly?
    • What will the main colors be?
    • What will my main background be?
    • Will each module have it's own background, be a color, or inherit the main application background?
    • Will I have a banner/header in modules?
    • What will the icon of my app be?


    • Will I have any custom pages?
    • Will I be pulling content from a site (i.e. Wordpress, Shopify)?
    • What is the contact info I want to include?
    • Have I collected all my images and content?
    • Do I have images in the correct formats for uploading?

    Adding APIs

    An Application Program Interface (API) is needed to take advantage of other cloud services that you are incorporating into your app. Here are the APIs you might need to have created developer accounts for:

    • AdMob
    • Facebook
    • Flickr
    • Google Maps
    • Instagram
    • OpenWeatherMap
    • Twitter
    • YouTube
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